Salad with dried fruit and Salva Cremasco cheese

with organic apples and pears mustard

A fresh and complete dish. The Salad with dried fruit and Salva Cremasco cheese finds with organic apple and pear mustard the perfect match.

A quick appetizer, always ready to satisfy even the most refined palates with simplicity.


  • Salva Cremasco cheese 200 g
  • Salad: mixed salad (rocket, lamb’s lettuce, burnet, sorrel, chervil, dandelion)200 g
  • Green olives 8
  • Nuts 8
  • Almonds 8
  • Dried tomatoes 6
  • Organic Apple and Pears Mustard
  • Extra virgin olive oil 4 tbsp
  • Salt to taste

Difficulty: Very easy

Preparation: 10 minutes

Doses for: 2 people


To prepare the Salad with dried fruit and Salva cremasco cheese, start by washing the salad and drying it well. Continue with the walnuts, shell them with the help of a nutcracker and cut them into smaller pieces.

Once the olives have been pitted, take the dried tomatoes, remove the hardest part of the stalk and cut them coarsely into strips.

At this point, take the Salva Cremasco cheese and cut it into cubes. Drain a few cloves of your organic apple and pear mustard and cut into small pieces.

We are now ready to assemble everything.

In a large bowl, first place the salad, the dried tomatoes, then continue with the walnuts and almonds, add the olives, the Salva cremasco and the chopped mustard.

Dress everything with EVO oil, salt and a teaspoon of the preserving liquid of the apple and pear mustard. If you like you could also add a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar to give a sweetest touch to everything.

Here you go! Simple, fast, tasty!

Enjoy your meal!

Made with:

Organic Apple and Pears Mostarda

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