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All lines, both of mustards and vegetables, are produced in our production plant in Cicognolo, in the province of Cremona.

Our products are distributed in many Italian regions as well as in some foreign countries, contact us to find the dealer closest to you! Our products can be purchased in the best supermarket chains, delicatessens, delicatessen shops or online directly from our site in the appropriate SHOP section.

Yes, all our products in the Mustard and Vegetable line, with the exception of the new line of Vegetable tuna sauce, are VEGAN.

Yes, all our products in the Mustard and Vegetable line are GLUTEN FREE.

Yes, more than 50% of our production of the Mustard line is made starting from ORGANIC fruit or vegetables.

The mustard aroma used for all references is also totally natural and gives the product its characteristic spicy taste, without the addition of any chemical element.

Absolutely yes! The fruit and vegetables we use for our products are processed from the fresh product. Every day fresh fruit and vegetables arrive in our factory ready for the different processes!

The Minimum Storage Term that we usually indicate on the label of our Mostarda is 15 months.

For the Verdure line we use a 13-month TMC instead.

None of our products contain preservatives, the processing is totally NATURAL.

For the Vegetable and Caramelized line, the Pasteurization process is used to stabilize the product in jars.

The only element that preserves our Mostards and Spicy Sweet Sauces is the natural aroma of mustard. Distilled from mustard seeds, this natural aroma, in addition to giving the characteristic spicy taste, acts as a natural bacteriostatic and product stabilizer.

The DEGREE OF HOTNESS of the mustard depends on the quantity of natural mustard flavoring contained in the product.

This natural aroma is very volatile, therefore the product tends to gradually lose the intensity of spiciness over time, leaving the qualities of the mustard and its genuineness unaltered.

Our Mostarda is added with mustard essential oil after it’s been ordered. In this way we are able to guarantee that the product leaves the production plant in its optimal state, at its maximum degree of spiciness.

Absolutely not! It’s time to clear the mustard from the winter season and its classic use!

Our mustard line includes 14 different flavors that can find many often surprising combinations! Discover them in the RECIPES section

No, mustard is by definition spicy due to the presence of a characterizing element: the mustard aroma!

It is possible that after a few months from its production the DEGREE OF HEALTH decreases leaving the product sweeter. This is due to the volatility of the mustard aroma which tends to gradually lose its intensity. In this case nothing happens, the product is still very good, it is simply less spicy!

Not necessarily! Let us always remember that mustard is a product born in the past from the need to preserve fruit or vegetables, when there were still no refrigeration tools!

Once the jar has been opened, therefore, it can also be safely left out of the refrigerator!

We are aware that we are upsetting your inner self, but we must tell you: the fiery red icing does not exist in nature!

During the manufacturing process, the fresh fruit goes through an initial cooking phase before being candied. During this first phase the fruit tends to darken together with its governing liquid!

Have you ever tried to bake a cherry?

Since the processing of the product is totally natural, the cherry, once cooked and candied, tends to release its characteristic color which would therefore darken the clear liquid of the classic mustard.

For this reason we have decided not to insert the cherry in our Classic Mostarda, thus allowing the best expression of the seven fruits present inside: Pineapple, Apricots, Cedar, Pears, Peaches, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel.

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