Fruit, vegetables, brown sugar and mustard oil. Simple ingredients, immediate, absolute availability. Exactly the same ingredients that after 500 years continue to dance in the laboratory Luccini that, for passion, carries on the tradition and love for a product strictly handmade, ensuring their authenticity.

The cooked fruit for a few minutes with the sugar is lying in pools where it begins its path candying; daily are made to decant the pieces of fruit, thanks to a grid, removing only the liquid part which is progressively concentrated. The recipe is simple, the time necessary not short … This phase ends when the product has reached a sugar content of about 70 degrees. The final moment is the most delicate. It adds the fire, the natural preservative, flavor of old: the essence of mustard. Enters into the nostrils, in the head and his memory remains alive for a long time.

The pots are then filled and packaged ready to support a good plate of boiled meat, roast or simply a plate of cheeses both fresh and seasoned.

Luccini in company the confidence to enjoy a good fruit chutney is always assured but the surprise is to find a red onion chutney or green tomato that solicit imagination in combining with pate de foie gras, burrata fresh, raw meat .