Mostarda Cremonese Luccini

Probably born from the need to preserve the fruit, this exquisite preparation came to us through the centuries and had the honor to be present on the tables of Lombardy with fellow Nougat, becoming indispensable.

The first document that associates the mustard in Cremona is a recipe POUR FAIRE MOUSTARDE DE CREMONE contained in a book printed in Liege in 1604; among its ingredients candied fruit, mustard and sugar. But even before the end of 1300 is cited as the mustard delicacy commissioned by the Duke Visconti for his wife and family who love FRUCTA with Senavra be consumed with capons, game and boiled meat or spit.

The spicy mustard was definitely known and widespread in northern Italy and Lombardy and in the absence of reliable references you can not determine the origins, which are lost in the mists of time.

It ‘still certain that from the end of the sixteenth century begins to consolidate a product typified, mostarda di Cremona, whose production techniques, albeit with modifications and refinements, the link to that today, officially included in the Lombard region, between the typicality agribusiness Cremonese.