Luccini, a story that makes eating

Born in 2000 from an idea of the founder Diego Luccini, our company always carries in his heart the passion and love for the family tradition. The mustard made according to the recipe of mother Caterina is a delicacy appreciated that Diego serves daily to customers in their restaurant and the desire is to make it known outside the small local. This insight is born our small factory, where in a small space we start to produce the first mustard Luccini for public use. The response was immediate and Luccini expands thanks to the vibrant contribution of Luisa, sister of Diego officially entered in the company since 2003.

In the rookies three flavors of mustard login – apples / pears, citrus fruits, mixed fruit – production was gradually built up to reach the 15 current tastes.

Cremona Mostarda

Moutarde: mustus ardens … The Latin brings us back to a strong taste, grape juice and mustard, which was prepared by farm families to celebrate the holiday season and that still remains the symbol of those times past, something raw , strong, solid.
Mustard with whole fruit, with the pieces still soft and round, with that sour taste that shakes the taste and makes your eyes sparkle.

In ancient recipe of Cremona mustard is sealed the secret of a unique flavor.

Now, as ever Luccini brings to the table tradition and authenticity.

Luccini products are distributed in packs of 2 and 1.7 kg, 440 grams, 380, 240, 950, 110 g, purchased in the best delis, butchers, bakeries, cheese shops, and gustabili directly on the table in the most popular restaurants.

Il 2006

It is the year in which the company expands: he moved into a new larger premises and modern, responsive to the health needs and the growing consumer demand; the product began its distribution beyond the Italian borders, in the countries of central and northern Europe and Overseas.


Il 2007

Saw the birth of the second production line: vegetables and sweet and sour sauces. Once again, the inspiration comes from everyday life, from recipes that still are proposed in the restaurant. Again the focus on raw materials only from the fresh market and the need to maintain the fragrance, determine the success of the packaged products in times extremely restricted.

Today the company Luccini is an important reality, able to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding customers without losing sight of the original inspiration:
the tradition and respect for authenticity.